NASA shares stunning satellite image of giant Marree Man geoglyph; was it created by aliens?

NASA shared a satellite photo of the Marree Man geoglyph, which some people believe was made by aliens

NASA recently shared a stunning photo of the Marree Man geoglyph in Australia taken from space. For years, the origin of the massive geoglyph has remained a mystery, with some people believing that it was made by aliens.

Like the Nazca Lines in Peru, the Marree Man is a large geoglyph that's about a couple of kilometres long. It is located on a plateau in South Australia and was named after a nearby town.

Marree Man
Photo of the Marree Man taken by the Landsat 8 satellite. NASA

History Of The Marree Man Geoglyph

The Marree Man was first spotted in 1998 by a pilot who was flying over the area. The gigantic artwork features a carving of what appears to be a hunter holding a stick or boomerang in his left hand. Since the entire geoglyph is about 3.5 kilometres long from top to bottom, NASA noted that the Marree Man is best viewed from above. This is why most of the agency's photos of the geoglyph were taken by its Landsat 9 satellite.

In 2013, the outline of the incredible geoglyph began to fade, which then prompted local residents and business owners to launch a massive restoration campaign. As they were redrawing certain portions of the Marree Man and adding features to protect it from the elements, the workers came across over 250 bamboo stakes placed at nine-meter intervals around the geoglyph. Researchers believe these were used by the original creator of the Marree Man as guides.

An aerial view of the Whale Nazca Lines
An aerial view of the Whale Nazca Lines Reuters

Mysterious Origin Of The Marree Man

Despite being a popular tourist attraction in South Australia, the origin of the Marree Man is still unknown. Many people who have seen it believe the massive anthropomorphic image was created by aliens. Others think that it was made to send a message to extraterrestrials. A more realistic theory suggests that it was created by a local artist living in the town of Alice Springs in Northern Territory.

Due to the mystery surrounding the geoglyph, an Australian businessman has offered a cash reward for anyone who can provide solid evidence regarding the nature and origin of the Marree Man. "Who created the geoglyph and why has long been a topic of controversy and remains unknown, despite the recent announcement of a cash reward for credible information about it," NASA stated.

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