NASA satellite captures moon-sized alien base orbiting the sun

An alien expert has come across some bizarre footage from NASA satellite that shows what appears to be an alien space station orbiting the sun's atmosphere

Video footage from a recent NASA feed appears to solidify the theory that we are not alone. Experts claimed to have spotted a black triangle-shaped UFO hovering over the sun, leading some to the conclusion that there is alien life in our solar system.

NASA imagery reveals black triangle-shaped UFO

Alien life expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base came across the footage while browsing through the website of NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite, which was launched by NASA in 1995 to observe and monitor solar activity.

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The footage appears to show a "black triangle" UFO orbiting the sun and what's interesting is that the supposed alien base has been there for several months. Waring first discovered the strange object in September 2019 and when he looked it up again two months later, he found that the UFO was still there but facing a different direction.

At the time, Waring revealed that the strange flying aircraft was about the size of Earth's moon and skimming the surface of the sun. "I am very surprised that NASA has never mentioned this huge object on earths southern region," he said at the time. "This is 100% proof that aliens exist and NASA isn't doing its job."

Is it an alien space station?

Waring decided to check in on NASA feed recently and found the triangle-shaped spacecraft in the same place. At first glance, the object looks like a dark spot on the sun and can easily be mistaken for a coronal hole on the star's atmosphere, which allows charged particles to escape and flow towards Earth.

However, according to Waring, it cannot be a coronal hole as the object does not revolve with the Sun and stays stationary like it's hovering over its surface.

Some people try to say its not a craft, but a dark spot on the sun, which is not possible since the sun is rotating below the UFO, but the UFO only moves slightly to left and sometimes to the right," he said in a March 13 blog post. "So clearly it's in orbit."

In the video commentary, Waring adds that according to him the strange object appears to be an alien base or space station orbiting the sun.

"My best guess is an alien space station that's in orbit around the Earth's sun," he said. "It's just sitting there. How could this UFO be so close to the sun and not be heated up? The fact that it's black shows us that it's cold, that it's not hot. Now, only alien tech can get that close to the sun without being destroyed."

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