NASA man rejects Nibiru as hoax but assesses possible damage

David Morrison, an astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center has revealed the possible repercussions Earth will face if ever Nibiru makes its deadly hit

Nibiru YouTube
YouTube video Screenshot: Channel Red Stone

Nibiru theorists all around the world believe that November 19 will mark the end of the world, as Planet X will make its deadly hit on Earth. They also claim that the recent earthquakes in Iran and Iraq followed by floods in Greece are the signs of Nibiru's arrival. In the midst of escalating fears, David Morrison, an astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center said that the system would disrupt the position of all the planets, and will also eject the moon from the earth's orbit.

Morrison made these comments during a podcast released by the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Institute (SETI) website. The podcast was the part of Big Picture Science Radio Show, Skeptic Check: Nibiru! Again!.

David Morrison's startling revelation

During the show, David Morrison was asked what would happen when Nibiru enters our solar system. According to Morrison, the entry of Nibiru in the solar system will disrupt the planetary alignment causing mass destruction. Morrison has made it clear that the orbits of the planets in our solar system are very much regulated, and the entry of Nibiru will destabilize it completely. He also added that Planet X entry will eject the moon from the Earth's orbit.

At the end, David Morrison added that there is no point in discussing the impacts of Nibiru as the planet itself is an internet hoax, and it does not exist in the outer space. According to Morrison, the concept of Nibiru is just a crazy idea, as there are no observational data available till date.

David Morrison also revealed that NASA is continuously receiving calls from citizens asking about Nibiru's existence. He added that most of these calls are out of panic, and later he advised everyone that there is nothing to worry.

Will Nibiru hit the world on November 19?

A group of conspiracy theorists claims that Nibiru will hit the world on November 19, 2017, causing mass destruction all around the world. But, David Meade, one of the most popular Nibiru theorists makes it clear that the apocalypse has already begun on October 15, and the world is now going through a seven-year tribulation period. He also proclaims that the recent natural disasters which are happening all over the globe are the result of Nibiru's gravitational pull.