Nam Ji Hyun looks completely stunning in '365: Repeat The Year' as she bids goodbye to her clumsy look in dramas including Shopping King Louie and Suspicious Partner. Nam Ji Hyun of the Suspicious Partner fame has undergone a complete transformation for her next drama '365: Repeat the Year'. The clumsy-looking Nam Ji Hyun will be seen showing off her intense charisma in the new series.

Nam Ji Hyun's new stills released from 'MBC's 365: Repeat the Year' are making the actress a sensation. Directed by Kim Kyung-Hee and written by, Lee Seo-Yoon, Lee Soo-Kyung '365: Repeat The Year' is a story based on the novel written by Kurumi Inui. It is a 24 episode series to be aired first on March 23, 2020.

Story revolves around 10 people

365 repeat the year Nam Ji Hoon

Every day two episodes of 35 minutes running time will be aired. The story revolves around 10 people, who dream of having a perfect life. They travel back in time live their life from one year ago to save themselves from the tragedy that is awaiting them. Though they are starting new lives mysterious incidents take place threatening their lives. The reason for Nam Ji Hyun's complete transformation is the role she is playing. The actress known for her performance in romantic comedy series will be seen for the first time in a mystery thriller for the first time.

She plays Shin Ga-Hyun a webcomic writer. Popular for her webcomic series Hidden Killer that rules the industry from three years, her life takes a sudden turn as she suffers a tragic accident. Desperate to shake out of the tragedy caused by accident, Shin Ga-hyun accepts the proposal to turn back the time. But an unexpected case is awaiting her. Nam Ji Hyun plays a workaholic perfectionist, that given her a completely different look than a clumsy person who was seen in earlier dramas.

Nam Ji Hoon

She has been cast opposite Lee Joon-hyuk who plays Ji Hyung-Joo. He is a detective with experience. Various developments also make him go back in time and getting involved in the mysterious case Shin Ga-Hyun is also involved in. Nam Ji Hyun is known for her roles in series Shopping King Louie and 100 days my price apart from Suspicious Partner where she acted opposite Ji Chang Wook. Nam Ji Hyun recently posted pictures of her graduation, where she got the degree from Sogang University in Psychology.