Mystery woman caught for breaking into Justin Bieber's home for third time

Justin Bieber's home has become a stage for various TV and photoshoots for its luxurious setting. A mysterious woman was caught trying to sneak into his plush pad for the third time in this week.

Justin Bieber
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A mystery woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to break into the "Sorry" singer Justin Bieber's home on Monday, 24 October, for the third time this week.

Justin was inside the house when the lady allegedly tried to force her way into his property, though he didn't make any kind of contact with her.

Later, the woman was arrested and charged with "suspicion of trespassing" after they called the law enforcement officials.

This is not the first time somebody has tried to barge into Bieber's home. In 2014, a woman forced her way into his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Later the woman was discovered sleeping in the house and was arrested by the police. The 23-year old star's house has been utilised for more than 17 TV and photoshoots since 2010.

Justin lives a lavish lifestyle and pays a whopping amount of $55,000 every month to live in the Beverly Hills. The luxurious pad has been used for several events, including a "Call of duty" advert in September, according to a report by IANS.

The bachelor pad serves as a perfect platform for companies seeking for a pictorial background and number of film and photography permits have been filed for the location since 2010, leading to many photoshoots.

For various campaigns including Chryslers, Lincolns and Buicks, several supercars have been parked on his driveway though Justin himself owns a bunch of luxurious cars.

The Canadian star is also known for his social way of life and recently he gave his 269.6 M fans on Instagram a peek inside the house, as well as his newly-painted chest courtesy of Bang Bang Tatoo's Keith McCurdy.

But with all these trespassers caught lurking around the star's house, it surely proves the fancy pad is clearly lacking in security.

With inputs from Indo-Asian News Service