Mysterious red glowing object in Chile's skies makes geologists rush to find elusive meteorite residue

Night sky (Representational picture) Pixabay

The residents of Chiloé Island in southern Chile were stunned to see several bright red objects across the sky and when these objects struck the ground and allegedly sparked a number of small fires. The incident took place last week and nobody knew from where these mysterious shining objects came from.

A woman, who is a resident of Chiloe, Bernardita Ojeda, told Channel 2 news that she saw these meteorites drop on her property and sparked a small fire in the bush. But here it should be mentioned that the government officials have vehemently denied the possibility that those objects could be meteorites.

Later, National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) officials stated in a report on September 28 that the field analysis they conducted proved that the mysterious bright red objects which fell from the sky were not dissolved meteorites but they are still clueless about what the material was.

Geologists also visited the site and after extensive search operation, failed to find any evidence of meteorite or any other object that fell in that region. The experts stated that the analysis of the soil may provide some clues later this month.

When the bizarre incident took place many have shared the picture of the object on social media. An astrophysicist José Maza mentioned in a news channel that these objects could have caused by meteorite or space debris. He also explained that there is a possibility that these objects were actually the remnants of earlier spacecraft or satellites that sent to the space earlier.

After the bizarre incident was mentioned by many Twitter users on the social media platform and the news became viral, Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics tweeted that as per his understanding those bright red objects were most probably meteorites as there were no "relevant space debris candidates" that he could see. But in addition, he mentioned that it often takes many days to gather relevant data to come out.

In September this year, another similar incident took place in UK. Police officers from Devon and Cornwall launched a huge search operation to look for asteroid debris after neighbors reported that they saw a mysterious glowing object to fall from the sky. Many people, who witnessed this incident also dialed 999 assuming that there could have been a plane crash.

In English, it reads: Meteorite fall reported in Mocopulli, chiloe
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