Mysterious Brain Disease Spreading in Canada; a Side Effect of Covid-19 Vaccine?

Doctors in Canada are baffled by the death of six persons and infections in 48 others caused by an unknown neurological disease. New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard said on Thursday that an expert committee will lead the ongoing investigation to find the cause of the deadly and mysterious brain disease.

"The discovery of a potentially new and unknown syndrome is scary," Shephard said during a media conference further adding, "I know that New Brunswickers are concerned and confused about this potential neurological syndrome."

The public health department in the province investigating the cases has observed that 48 people were struck by a mix of symptoms including insomnia, impaired motor function, and hallucinations, such as visions of the dead.

Gabrielle Cormier
Gabrielle Cormier, a patient with the unknown brain disease Web Screen Grab NYT

Brain Disease Conspiracy Theories

As doctors and neurologists are redoubling their efforts to decipher the clues for the unknown disease, there are new conspiracy theories blaming the infection in human brains on cellphone network towers, fracking, and even the hurriedly-developed Covid-19 vaccines.

These are some features of the mystery that have stumped Canada's medical establishment and attracted the attention of the world's top neurologists. Many residents of the New Brunswick province on picturesque Canada's Atlantic coast have fallen ill due to the disease in the past six years.

Unknown Brain Disease Linked to Geography?

The first case of the disease dates back to 2015. But the news of the unknown syndrome came to light on March 5 as the province's deputy chief medical officer of health, Dr. Cristin Muecke, sent a memo to various medical associations in New Brunswick mentioning the unknown disease.

Reportedly, most of the existing patients at the time were living in and around the Moncton, N.B., area and the Acadian Peninsula in the northeastern part of New Brunswick. However, it is unclear if the syndrome is linked to geography as there isn't any hard evidence.

Who is Gabrielle Cormier?

Gabrielle Cormier is one of the youngest patients out of the 48 infected by the mysterious disease. She has been afflicted with extreme fatigue, involuntary jerking movements, memory lapses, and hallucinations due to the brain disease.