Muslim Refugee Strangles Pregnant Swedish Girlfriend in Honor Killing Because He was Ashamed of Introducing Her to His Conservative Family

Mohamedamin Abdirisek Ibrahim and Saga Forsgren Elneborg
Mohamedamin Abdirisek Ibrahim (left) and Saga Forsgren Elneborg. Facebook

A Somalian refugee, Mohamedamin Abdirisek Ibrahim, is facing murder charged for allegedly strangling his pregnant Swedish girlfriend, Saga Forsgren Elneborg, in April 2023.

Prosecutors claim the heinous act was driven by fears that he would dishonor his conservative Muslim family.Despite sufficient DNA evidence implicating him, Ibrahim denies any wrongdoing.

Ibrahim Killed Elneborg Over Fears of Introducing Her to His Family

According to reports, Ibrahim, 22, is accused of suffocating and strangling Elneborg, driven by the fear of introducing her to his conservative Muslim family. The tragic incident occurred in Örebro, Sweden, in April 2023.

In a statement, prosecutor Elizabeth Anderson alleged that Ibrahim killed his girlfriend "by suffocating and strangling her by means of pressure on her neck with an impact on the trachea and the blood supply to the head."

She added: "I mean that the murder took place in an honor context because the man wanted to preserve or restore his and his family's honor by killing the woman who was carrying his child.

As reported by the New York Post, the extensive arrest report, spanning 1,000 pages, contains disturbing images of the crime scene, including a lamp cord. Text exchanges between Ibrahim and Elneborg also shed light on their tumultuous relationship. Ibrahim talked about being nervous about revealing Elneborg's pregnancy to his family while she reassured him it would be fine.

"Feels like I can almost feel my heartbeat all the way down to my stomach walla," he wrote in the message. "Just take it easy, it'll be fine babe," Elneborg replied.

Saga Forsgren Elneborg
Saga Forsgren Elneborg Facebook

Ibrahim Had Told Elneborg to Consider Abortion Over Family Repercussions for Dating a White Woman

Despite Ibrahim claiming to have informed a relative, Elneborg remained skeptical, sensing his unease. Investigations revealed Ibrahim hadn't disclosed the pregnancy to his family despite Elneborg planning to move in with him a week later.

Additionally, Ibrahim had previously suggested Elneborg consider abortion, citing concerns about familial repercussions.

"I know we can make it, but I won't be able to keep my family. If it had been possible, there would have been no problem with keeping the child," he wrote her in the message when they learned of her pregnancy.

Elneborg's final message to Ibrahim was sent shortly after midnight on April 29, as reported by the outlet. Allegedly, shortly after receiving the message, Ibrahim went to her residence and committed the heinous act of strangling her, resulting in the tragic loss of her unborn baby boy as well, according to authorities.

"He never told his family about Saga or the child. But the suspect has been raised in a standard of honor, and he has learned that it is not OK for him to date a white woman," the prosecutor wrote. "He must date a woman of the same culture. If he doesn't, he will be excluded," Anderson added.

Ibrahim's DNA Found Underneath Elneborg's Nails

The prosecutor alleges that Ibrahim's DNA was discovered beneath Elneborg's fingernails. Elisabeth Massi Fritz, representing Elneborg's family, described the murder as "cruel and ruthless."

She highlighted the trial's anticipated focus on aggravating factors, stating: "There are many aggravating circumstances in the deed which we will highlight during the trial."

Fritz added, "It has been and still is a difficult time for all [of] Saga's relatives."

Elneborg's family said, via their attorney, that it had been a "long and painful wait" before Ibrahim was recently charged with Elneborg's murder. However, he has yet to be charged with the unborn child's death.

The trial is set for April 10, spanning 15 days. Despite the accusations, Ibrahim maintains his claims of innocence and expressed love for his late girlfriend, stating: "I have been in denial for nine months now."