MSNBC anchor apparently used the N-word while announcing Kobe Bryant's death; later apologized

The TV anchor though denied allegations of using a racial slur, while announcing the demise of Lakers legend; later apologized for the 'confusion'

Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years, died in a fatal helicopter crash in California, on Sunday. Those who died along with him included his daughter Gianna and seven others, on board.

A major gaffe occurred on TV, when an MSNBC anchor, Alison Morris, appeared to have used the N-word while announcing his demise. Though she denied the allegation after being called out but apologized for the same.

'Los Angeles N–ggers'

Alison Morris

When the world is mourning over the untimely demise of Kobe Bryant, Alison Morris apologised for the major blunder she committed, on live TV. While referring to 'Los Angeles Lakers', she appeared to say the "Los Angeles N-ggers", a racial slur for the people of colour.


Following the gaffe, Morris clarified that she misspoke combining the words "Knicks" and "Lakers" to say "Nakers" and she "would NEVER use a racist term".

"Earlier today, while reporting on the tragic news of Kobe Bryant's passing, I, unfortunately, stuttered on-air, combining the names of the Knicks and the Lakers to say "Nakers." Please know I did not & would NEVER use a racist term. I apologize for the confusion this caused", Morris tweeted.

Alison Morris

'We all heard you say it live'

Despite her clarification, some skeptics didn't buy her explanation. "What in the world is a Naker anyway? There's definitely an i sound in there", said a Twitter user. "It did sound like 'nigger", said another.

"I listened to the clip SEVERAL times and you said the N-word with a HARD G. So no we don't believe you", said one. "Nah you said the whole thing, own up to it", said another.

Not the first time

This isn't the first time that someone has come under fire for using or appearing to use a racial slur on live TV. In January, last year meteorologist Jeremy Kappell, lost his job, after he was accused of using a racist slur talking about Martin Luther King Jr, when he referred to a park named after him, as "Martin Luther Coon King Jr Park", using a racial slur for people of colour.