Mother Arrested After Death of 3-month-old Child Who Was Left Alone at Home for 16 Hours

A 30-year-old woman has been arrested for leaving her three-month-old daughter alone for 16 hours inside het house, that eventually resulted in the child's death

A woman was arrested after her three-month-child was found dead in Tokyo, Japan. The mother is said to have left the three-month-old child alone for 16 hours with no one to attend to it. Ai Sakamoto, 30, was arrested on Friday on charges of the death of the infant.

According to her statement, Sakamoto who is from the Taito Ward, left home at 6 p.m. on July 22 and returned after 10 a.m. on July 23. During questioning, she tried to defend herself by saying that she had breastfed her 90-day old daughter before leaving the house.

When Sakamoto, a single mother, returned on Thursday, she was baffled to see her daughter not responding to her calls. She called the emergency services and called for an ambulance. The baby was rushed to the hospital. But the unconscious child died at the hospital.

heart surgery in infant may cause deafness
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According to the hospital, the child did not suffer any external injuries. The exact cause of death is unknown. The woman is charged with negligence towards the child that led to its death and has allegedly Sakamoto admitted to the charges.

Couple Starve 7-month-old Baby

In a similar incident that occurred in March 2019 in South Korea, a couple was sentenced to 20-year imprisonment for starving their seven-month-old baby, which resulted in its death. The couple had abandoned the child inside the apartment along with two dogs. The mother, who came back the following day, found that the dogs had injured the child.

But instead of treating the child, she left the house after asking her husband to take responsibility for the child. The man also did not want to be held responsible, and he returned home only to click the picture of the refrigerator that he intended to put on sale. He did not check on the child, which resulted in its death.

Stepmother Stuffs Boy Inside Suitcase

In yet another incident that occurred June in South Korea, a stepmother was arrested for stuffing her 9-year-old stepson in a suitcase that eventually resulted in the child's death. According to the stepmother, she was disciplining him.

She was also accused of leaving the boy inside the suitcase for seven hours while she was outside the house. When she returned, the boy was unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital. However, he died the next day.