More Rocket Attacks on Israel After Iran's Top General Issues Fresh Threat

Three rockets were fired into Israel on Monday morning, Tel Aviv confirmed. The projectiles were launched into Sderot and in the Gaza border area, the IDF confirmed, adding that two of the rockets were intercepted.

The attack came even as Iran said Israel should 'expect' more attacks on its interests in the future, warning that Tel Aviv should not think that it can hit targets on Syrian soil without facing repercussions. The Iranian threat, made by the chief of staff of Iran's armed forces, Mohammad Bagheri, came days after missiles launched from Syria landed near Israel's Dimona nuclear facility.

Gaza Pexel/ Mohamed Abu Nahel

Rockets Fired From Gaza

"Certainly efforts undertaken in recent days and efforts in the future that will endanger their interests will bring them to their senses, and the future of the resistance front is bright," the Iranian General said, according to Al Jazeera.

The Jerusalem Post said that the rocket attack on Monday morning followed the launch of two other rockets from the Gaza Strip on Sunday night. One of these rockets landed a field between Netiv HaAsara and Kibbutz Erez, local media reports said.

Rocket attacks from the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave as well as from Syrian towns on the border have increased of late, giving tough security challenge to the Jewish state.

Iranian Threat

The biggest blow to Israel in recent times was the missile attack deep inside the country last week. The attack, which arguably targeted Dimona nuclear facility came days after an Iranian analyst published an article in Kayhan newspaper saying that Iran and its allies must target Dimona.

Israel Defense Forces Iron Dome
Israel Defense Forces Iron Dome intercepts rockets from Gaza strip - File photo Wikimedia Commons

The analyst, Sadollah Zarei, said nothing short of an attack on Dimona is a fitting reply to the attack on Iran's Natanz nuclear facility last week. "This is because no other action is at the same level as the Natanz incident," the analyst wrote, according to the Haaretz.

In the latest threat, Iran's top general has said "the Zionist regime will not rest easy," according to Al Jazeera. He, however, did not comment on the nature of the Iranian offensive, the outlet said.