Momoland's Hyebin is Dating ex-UNB Member Marco, MLD Entertainment Confirms

Netizens have been speculating for some time about Momoland's Hyebin dating ex-UNB member Marco. Finally, it is confirmed that they are in a relationship!

Momoland's Hyebin and ex-UNB member Marco
Momoland's Hyebin and ex-UNB member Marco Dating Instagram

MLD Confirms
Hyebin's agency MLD Entertainment has confirmed the news in a statement. "It's true that the two are dating. However, because it is their private life, it's difficult to reveal any specifics," Allkpop quotes the company as stating in a press release.

Marco Apologise for Creating Confusion
Marco has lent an apology to the fans for creating confusion about his relationship status. While interacting with his fans on a chat form recently, he denied dating her and it was later brought to people's notice by his former fansite.

Hyebin, on his Instagram account, expressed his sadness for lying to his fans. "I was afraid of bringing harm to many people, and as someone who was able to promote due to love from fans, I turned a blind eye to the fact that being truthful is a must. I am feeling only apologetic to the fans who were hurt by my wrongful lack of judgment and lies.

Although my apology will not erase the disappointment and sadness they have already received from me, I will reflect continuously. I will put in the effort so as not to disappoint again. I will not forget and reflect on the criticisms that have been sent to me about my immature actions. Once again, I seek your forgiveness. I'm sorry. [sic]" he is quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

The rumours of the couple being in love have been doing rounds since 2019. The photos of the actors having similar rings and other ornaments had given strong indication to the fans about the couple having an affair.

Hyebin is the eldest member, a group's leader, and lead rapper. Whereas Marco is a member of boy group HBY and the project group UNB.

Momoland's Controversy
Earlier this year, a couple of pictures of Nancy, whose original name is Nancy Jewel McDonie, had leaked online. In the shocking snaps, the singer was reportedly undressing and the agency claimed that her pictures were doctored by miscreants. The controversial snaps were taken during Asia Artist Awards in 2019.

The agency initiated legal action against the miscreant who illegally captured and leaked the pics online.