Moltres is one Legendary Pokemon that can be defeated quite easily, but how?

Last week, Pokemon Go had added Articuno as a Legendary Pokemon and now the latest addition has been the Moltres.

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Pokemon Go just added Moltres as its latest Legendary Pokemon and unexpectedly, players, who flocked to Legendary Pokemon's raids, found out that Moltres wasn't that much a difficult fight as it was Articuno last week.

While mostly it took teams of six players to beat Articuno, a Legendary Moltres raid could be cleared by a team of four experienced players. Reportedly, a Moltres with the charge move Heat Wave can be taken down by three players if the Raid teams are strong enough and that's mainly because Heat Wave is a relatively weak charge attack.

So why is Moltres so easy to fight with, really?

It's mostly because a lot more strong counters to Moltres are there than there were for Articuno. While Articuno had a double weakness to Rock-Type attacks, its powerful Ice-Type moves could knock out even Pokemon like Golem or Rhydon in a single move. Moltres has that same double weakness to Rock-Type moves, the difference is that but Golem, Rhydon, and other Pokemon are all resistant to Fire-Type moves, which is Moltres' specialty. Golem can absorb multiple Heat Waves while dishing out its own powerful Stone Edge attack.

This article was first published on August 2, 2017