Model Who Posed Naked in Dubai Balcony Says Jail Lacked Toilet Paper, Experienced Living Hell

Vogue model Evgenia Taran, who was one among the dozen naked girls who posed on the infamous Dubai balcony in full public view, was released from Dubai's prison and deported back home to Ukraine.

The other model, Anastasia, is still in Dubai as she tested positive for Covid-19 and would be deported back home only after she recovers from the virus.

Dubai naked Balcony Model Evgenia Taran
Instagram grab / Evgenia Taran

Now that Evgenia is free and at the comfort of her home in Kiev, the model revealed to The Sun that she experienced hell in prison before being deported. She said the jail lacked toilet paper, and when it did arrive, was short in supply.

She also stated that the lights were turned on 24/7 in her cell and the air conditioner was on always, affecting her mental and physical health.

Nude photoshoot
More than a dozen women were arrested for posing naked in Dubai Twitter

She said she received food with no spoons and the attitude of the jailers was rude. The model also cried saying nobody in the prison answered her questions and stated that all the models were treated as ''animals''.

Evgenia revealed that she had to beg a jail authority for a book, so she can keep her mind off the things that's happening in prison and managed to get one after pleading constantly.

Women posing naked in Dubai
Women posing naked in Dubai Twitter

''The light was on 24/7 and there was endless knocking air conditioning. The lack of toilet paper, spoons, and human attitude from employees goes without saying,'' she told The Sun. 'But the most terrible thing is ignorance, because your questions are not answered, and they allow you to contact the world according to their mood, and for money.''

The 21-year-old model revealed she feels lucky and blessed to have reached home safely without further consequences and urged others to appreciate the little things in life. ''I am in Kyiv again, I love everyone, I hug. Appreciate what you have.''

Women posing naked in Dubai
A group of women pose naked in Dubai Twitter

All the models who posed naked on the balcony in upscale Marina locality have been barred from entering the United Arab Emirates for five years for breaking their public decency laws, which usually attracts jail term up to 12 years after a lengthy trial.

Also, Vitaliy Grishin, the American playboy who initiated the photoshoot, is still languishing in prison and reports are doing the rounds that he might face jail time for a year and a half for his involvement in the scandal.