Million MAGA March Turns Violent After Proud Boys and Antifa Clash in Washington [Videos]

Multiple people were stabbed after pro and anti-Trump groups clashed in DC on Saturday.

The US witnessed another violent day of the year after conservative groups, claiming without evidence that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged and stolen from Donald Trump, staged protests across the country on Saturday, December 12.

According to videos and images shared on social media, clashes with police and confrontations between pro-Trump supporters and counter-protesters were seen on Saturday after the second Million MAGA March.

Reports revealed that at least four people were stabbed near the Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington DC. All the injured people were taken to hospitals in the area. During the clash, two DC Police officers were also injured after law enforcement was tasked to keep large crowds of clashing groups separated.

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Proud Boys and Antifa clash Twitter

Violence on Street

Groups of pro-Trump Proud Boys protesters and the Antifa counter-protesters were spotted in downtown Washington on Saturday night, according to a video shared on Twitter. As the brawl started, police moved quickly in to separate them, using pepper spray on members of both sides, said a witness. According to the Metropolitan Police Department said that there have been at least 23 arrests related to the clash.

Both the Trump supporters and counter-protesters were seen in the area of Freedom Plaza and Black Lives Matter Plaza. The banners of Black Lives Matter have been burned and damaged by the Proud Boys, a violent far-right group according to a Tweet.

According to some videos, DC Police had to separate protesters and engaged directly with demonstrators in Washington. A Twitter video shows smoke projectiles and water being tossed at DC Police officers. Another video shows DC Police having water and smoke thrown at them before the clash with what the Tweets addressed as the counter-protesters "Antifa". Local media in the Washington state capital of Olympia reported that one person was shot after clashes between pro-and anti-Trump protest groups.

The Million MAGA March website says that around 17,000 pro-Trump supporters said they would be in attendance for the held Saturday. Prior to this weekend's march, DC officials announced several road and street closures along with parking restrictions.