Miley Cyrus shares new album 'Younger Now', overwhelms Twitterati

Miley Cirus proved to her fans that she did not forget her roots and shared her new album, which shows that she is still a country singer.

Miley Cirus new album
Miley Cyrus shared her new album 'Younger Now' Reuters

Miley Cyrus, the former 'Hannah Montana' star, has shared her new album 'Younger Now' on September 29, Friday. Fans are hoping to see the country singer back on track after a long time.

In 2009, the 24-year-old was ranked as the fourth best-selling female singer by Billboard. Forbs counted her as one of the top hundred celebrities and she got the thirteenth position on the list in 2010. Three years later hand MTV declared her the "Artist of the Year".

Although she received so many awards and nominations over the years, Miley was also criticised by her fans and media for her changed attitude, which included her quirky fashion statements and wild singles.

After publishing 'Malibu' and 'Inspired', two recent singles, people assumed that the singer from 'Wrecking Ball' has taken a U-turn to go back to her Nashville roots. The assumption became stronger when her new song 'Younger Now' was released and fans became overwhelmed after listening to it for the first time.

Earlier, she promised to be different from anything people had seen before. Now she has proved that the old Disney girl was never left behind but had been under shadows for so long. Since 2009, 'Malibu' is the first single which showcases Miley's look from the 'Hannah Montana movie.'

Her latest single already has 37,905,781 views on YouTube. She has given the lyrics and melodies for the song. It has been produced by Oren Yoel, who has also played all the instruments.he singer 'Younger Now' received a huge appreciation from Twitterati for her new single.

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