Mike Pence Blasted for Saying Covid-19 Vaccine is 'Medical Miracle'; Twitterati Call Ivanka 'Fake Scientist'

Vice President Pence and Ivanka Trump were criticized on Twitter for their views on lockdowns and vaccine.

The US Vice President, Mike Pence, drew widespread criticism on Twitter for calling a COVID-19 vaccine a "medical miracle" on Tuesday. On the same day, the social media users mocked Ivanka Trump as a "fake scientist" after she claimed the lockdowns "are not grounded in science".

The leader of the White House Coronavirus task force, Pence praised the development process of the COVID-19 vaccine under the Operation Warp Speed. "This is a Medical Miracle!," he said in a tweet. But the critics did not waste time in pointing out the difference between a miracle or magic and scientific efforts.

Mike Pence

"A miracle is something that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. This vaccine was developed via hard work, intelligence, science, and perseverance. There was no magic involved," one of the users wrote. Another user wrote on Twitter, "It's actually science, not a miracle."


Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump said on Twitter that the current Coronavirus lockdowns are not supported by science. She made the comment in a retweet of a video shared by a user.

"These blanket lockdowns are not grounded in science. These arbitrary rules imposed by callous politicians are destroying lives. It is just wrong for small business owners to have [to] fight so hard to keep their American dream alive," she wrote.

But in reality, scientists disagree with Ivanka's claim about the effectiveness of the lockdowns while the numbers of COVID-19 cases are rising in a community. As reported by NPR, Ana Bento, who is an assistant professor at the School of Public Health at Indiana University Bloomington, said that broad lockdowns are the simplest tool that can help to break the chain of infection transmission, as well as reduce the possibility of getting infected by the virus, and "that is the whole purpose of it".

Twitter users who came across Ivanka's Tweet did not lose the chance to mock the President's daughter. One of the users shared the image of US Coronavirus cases and fatality numbers, and wrote that "Idiot #FakeScientist prefers making money to saving American lives."

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