Microsoft cuts more jobs amid falling smartphone business

Microsoft lays off more employees following declining revenues in its troubled smartphone business.

Microsoft has taken a drastic step with 1,850 job cuts in the wake of declining sales in its smartphone business over the last few years.

As Bloomberg reports, Microsoft's Nokia acquisition in 2014 was valued at $7.3billion USD or $10billion SGD, which didn't seem to go well as the company was forced to slash around 26,000 jobs amid tough competition from its rivals Apple, Google and Samsung.

The company reportedly failed to gain any traction with the Nokia acquisition under the leadership of CEO Steve Ballmer. Consequently, the advent of new CEO Satya Nadella infused a fresh strategy of pushing Windows-based flagship smartphones in the market.

The new strategy of producing exclusive Windows smartphones for the corporate world already seems to be limited by its exposure as it is solely focused on employees and consumers who already own access to Windows computers or other Microsoft programs.

With the drastic decline in its smartphone sales globally, the Redmond Company is resorting to survival tactics such as its sale of lower-end mobile phone business to some Chinese company.

Nokia based mobile phone division in Finland is expected to see a massive job cut across 1,350 positions, besides another 500 jobs being slashed worldwide.

Despite the uninspiring trend of job cuts and sold businesses, Microsoft's stock has reportedly shot up by 1.5% following the recent announcement.