Mia Malkova Always Wanted To Have Sex With This Person But He Refused To Sleep With Her, Here's Why

Porn star Mia Malkova used to cry every week when she lived with her ex-husband, according to the actress. She pointed out that her ex-husband never wanted to have sex with her, which made her normal life very unhappy.

During the Touchy Subject podcast, she claimed that "her ex-husband had severe intimacy issues, and so he never came on to me, and never wanted to have sex with me, and that lasted for years."

Mia Malkova
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He Was The Only Guy, Mia Malkova Wanted To Have Sex With

The actress has opened up about the breakdown of her marriage – and believes a lack of sex was behind the breakup. The 30-year-old has relied on her sex life to become one of the world's most popular adult performers, racking up 11 million followers on Instagram and winning numerous industry awards, according to Daily Star.

Stressing that she is romantic, Malkova stated that she loved him and he also used to be her best friend. The porn star also alleged that for her, only his opinions used to matter and he was the only guy, she wanted to have sex with.

"Keep in mind I'm a romantic so I loved him and he was my best friend, so I was like, 'yours is the only opinion that matters to me, you're the only person I really want to have sex with," she said during the podcast.

He Used To Have Sex With Malkova Only To Shoot Content

Although, she admitted that he used to have sex with her only to shoot content. "The only time he would have sex with me was to shoot content with me... so we would go over a month without him off-camera coming onto me."

The actress also stressed that her ex-husband never made her feel good as he felt insecure and didn't want to put her higher on that pedestal.

Malkova ended her 3 and half years of marriage with Danny Mountain in 2018. Mountain had alleged that the actress could have handled it a lot better. "She could have handled it a lot better and that hurt, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Onwards and upwards," said Mountain previously.

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