Mexican Singer Lalo Mora Gropes Female Fan's Breasts During Photo-Op, Sparks Outrage [VIDEO]

The 74-year-old singer has previously drawn criticism for kissing a female fan on the mouth during a photo-op in July this year.

Lalo Mora, a popular Mexican singer, has sparked controversy on social media after a video of him going overboard with a female fan during a photo-op started circulating online.

Mora, whose real name is Eduardo Mora Hernández, inappropriately touched the woman after a concert in California, according to the Twitter user @anonymous_sin who posted the video.

Lalo Mora
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

"They capture #LaloMora touching the breast of a follower after taking a picture with her . The events occurred after a concert in #PicoRivera," the video's translated caption reads.

The footage shows Mora touching the breasts of the fan after she asked to take a photograph with the musician. The act takes the woman by surprise and she immediately removes his hand before rolling her eyes in disbelief, looking visibly uncomfortable. Watch the video below:

Mora, known for hits including Laurita Garza and Mi Casa Nueva, nor his team responded to the video yet but the viral clip has racked up dozens of comments on social media with users slamming the singer over his inappropriate behavior towards the fan.

"Asking for a photo does not give you the right to offer yourself to him," wrote one user in a translated tweet, while another commented, "Celebrity or no celebrity. Lalo Mora groping that woman is gross and disgusting. She should sue him for sexual harassment."

Lalo Mora
Lalo Mora and a still from the video showing him kissing a female fan on the mouth in July. Twitter

This is not the first time Mora has been surrounded by controversy over his inappropriate behavior with fans. As reported by LightHome, the musician sparked outrage in July this year after footage showed him kissing a fan during a photo-op after one of his concerts. The video shows the 74-year-old posing with a number of women in his van when he kisses one of them on the mouth. Watch the clip from earlier this year below: