Mexican Priest Dies During Live Stream After Getting Vaccinated? Another Conspiracy Theory Questions Covid-19 Jabs

A viral claim suggesting that a priest died suddenly during live stream after receiving the vaccine is found to be fake. The video clip was shared multiple times by the social media users, who fell prey to the fake claim.

The Covid 19 vaccine has remained embroiled in baseless conspiracy theories ever since they were rolled out in January this year. Earlier, a hoax claiming that vaccine will alter the human DNA of those taking the jab had also gone viral.

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Priest Falls Down During the Sermon

The claim appeared in a post which read, "Priest "dies suddenly" during live stream after getting vaccinated." A video accompanying the post includes a Priest giving a sermon during live stream. His mask is pulled down as he speaks in Spanish while standing on a dias. Suddenly he turns away from the mic and falls down. A woman is seen rushing towards him to prevent the priest from hitting the ground. Soon few others also join the woman to help the priest.

The clip lasts over a minute and was shared widely on multiple social media platforms sparking the rumors about the Covid-19 vaccine. "A priest dies during his sermon. It's another case of Adult Sudden Death Syndrome. I wonder what could be causing it. Apparently he's not the only one to die during mass," tweeted a user.

"Vaxxed Priest dies on livestream. The fakenews media will say that it is thanks to the vaccine that he did not die before," read another tweet.

"Low frequency kills are at an all time HIGH! Priest "dies suddenly" during live stream after getting vaccinated," opined another user while sharing the clip.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim made in the posts, Lead Stories, a fact-checking outlet, claimed that the priest did not die but had fainted during the sermon.

The outlet said that the clip was during a livestream from Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Reina de México, a church in Acapulco, a coastal town in Mexico.

Priest Ángel Cuevas presided over the Mass which took place in September. In another FB Live Stream on September 4, a day after the fainting video, Cuevas is seen giving the sermons, the outlet claimed. A comment on the post reads, "Thank God Father Angel Cuevas is better God bless and take care of him."

"Thank you Lord for this day, do not let go of your hand and deliver us from all evil, direct our hearts and our actions," wrote another user.

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