Mexican News Outlet Accidentally Plays Prank Clip of Man's Testicles During Eclipse Coverage

RCG Media eclipse coverage
Stills from the video being circulated on social media. Twitter

On April 8, Monday, Mexico, United States and Canada witnessed a total solar eclipseas the moon swept in front of the sun, blotting out daylight.

However, a Mexican TV station briefly showed its viewers a very different eclipse during its news coverage of the astronomical event, involving a scrotum and a light instead of the moon and sun.

During a broadcast of the 24/7 news program from RCG Media, anchors were listing areas where the solar eclipse was visible when video came on air of what appeared to be a scrotum eclipsing a light.

Censored and uncensored versions of the clip quickly spread across social media even after the clip was scrubbed from the broadcast.

Two of the female anchors were visibly panicked by the moment when the control room cut back to a live shot of the studio.

RCG Media, who usually stream their daily newscasts on YouTube, have scrubbed the moment from their channel and reuploaded the program without any unidentified dangling objects.

TMZ reported that RCG Media had asked viewers to send in their amateur footage of the eclipse, which turned out to be a risky move in hindsight.

A user on X, formerly Twitter, named Rhevolver took credit for the video. "I appreciate that you took my video about the eclipse, but I would have loved to have been credited. Greetings," the user wrote.