Men With This Distinct Feature Are Less Likely to Die from Coronavirus

A previous study report had claimed that coronavirus infection could affect the potency of male patients

A new study conducted by researchers at Swansea University has suggested that men with longer ring fingers are less likely to die due to coronavirus infection. The research report claimed that mortality figures in countries where men have shorter ring fingers were third highest.

According to researchers who took part in the study, the ring finger length is conditioned by the amount of testosterone the person comes in contact with during the fetal stage. Experts claimed that men with comparatively long ring fingers might have been more exposed to testosterone. It should be noted that testosterone plays a crucial role in increasing the number of ACE-2 receptors in the human body, that are directly linked to enhancing the infection-fighting capability of the human body.

Long Ring Fingers Reduce Coronavirus Mortality Rate

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Professor John Manning, the lead researcher of this study revealed that this biological advantage is playing a pivotal role in decreasing the mortality rate among men in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Austria, where men have longer ring fingers. On the other hand, men in England and Wales have shorter ring fingers, and in these countries, mortalities associated with coronavirus are high.

"The theory is that someone with high prenatal testosterone — and a long ring finger — has greater levels of ACE2. These concentrations are large enough to oppose the virus. Our findings may be men with long ring fingers will experience mild symptoms and could return to work," said Manning, The Sun reports.

Coronavirus to Affect Potency?

A previous study conducted by a team of Chinese researchers had suggested that coronavirus infection could negatively impact the potency of males. Researchers who took part in this study made this conclusion after noticing low testosterone levels on coronavirus patients.

In the male body, testosterone levels have direct impacts in determining the libido, and a notable low level of this hormone could affect the potency of coronavirus patients.

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