Melania Trump Throws Murderous Look at Ivanka During White House RNC Event - VIDEO

The video that showcases the extremely poor relations between the two ladies comes even as a new book is set to reveal more details.

The news about an upcoming book revealing the intense rivalry between the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, and the first daughter Ivanka Trump is gathering momentum. Now, a moment of facial indiscretion from the FLOTUS may have given another strong indication that all is not well between the two main ladies in the President's family.

On the fourth and concluding day of the Republican National Convention (RNC), President Donald Trump officially accepted the GOP's nomination for the upcoming elections. However, at one stage during the evening, when Ivanka Trump walked past her father and his wife, Melania greeted her with a smile and then had an expression that seemed to suggest intense dislike and irritation.

melania trump
Melania Trump at the inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017 AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Since then, the small clip of that incident is doing the rounds on social media and gathering a lot of attention. Ivanka was the star of tonight's events as she introduced her father on to the stage, set up in White House's South Lawn. Before that, she gave a speech which, as everything else in US politics these days, received widely differing reactions from the right and the left.

Sensational Revelations

But while the speech is being dissected, attention of a lot of people is drawn towards the Melania-Ivanka equation. A former adviser of the first lady Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has written a memoir about her time with Melania Trump, titled 'Melania and Me.'

In this book, she makes the stunning revelation that she and Mrs. Trump conducted, in her words, an 'Operation Block Ivanka' to prevent the elder daughter of POTUS from featuring prominently in the pictures of the 45th US President's inauguration. This, according to Wolkoff, was in response to a supposed attempt by Ivanka to take over the grand event.

Wolkoff writes, in an excerpt of the book published by the New York magazine, that Ivanka shared a picture of Barack Obama's inauguration with her which showed his wife and daughter standing beside him as he took the oath of office. She wrote along with the picture that "FYI regarding the swearing in. It is nice to have family with him for this special moment."

Wolkoff was part of the planning committee for the inauguration. She used that position to let Melania Trump decide the seating arrangements for the occasion. The result of the two ladies' efforts was that Ivanka, nicknamed the 'Princess' by her stepmother, was not as prominent on the stage as she would have liked to. The author of the memoir concedes this was 'petty.'