Meghan Markle's 'Self-Deprecating Humor' About Curtseying to the Late Queen Elizabeth II Backfires As Harry Appears 'Uncomfortable'

Prince Harry appeared to be uncomfortable as his wife Meghan Markle mocked the curtsy extended to late Queen Elizabeth II during her first meeting with the former British monarch. The incident occurred in the second episode of explosive Netflix's series 'Harry & Meghan.'

Harry and Meghan
A still from Netflix' Harry & Meghan. Twitter

Markle Claims the Meeting the Was Unexpected

The clip which has gone viral on social media shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sitting on a couch as they speak about Markle's first meeting with the former monarch.

Claiming that she didn't know that she was going to meet the Queen until moments before, Markle said, "We were in the car and we were going to Royal Lodge for lunch, and he's like 'Oh, my grandmother's here, we're going to meet her after church.' And I remember we were in the car driving up and he's like 'You know how to curtsy, right?' And I just thought it was a joke."

"How do you explain that to people? How do you explain that you bow to your grandmother? And that you will need to curtsy. Especially to an American. That's weird," Harry went on to add.

"Now I'm starting to realise 'This is a big deal'. I mean, Americans will understand this... We have medieval times, dinner and tournament. It was like that." The Duchess of Sussex then goes on to perform the awkward and exaggerated curtsy as she continues to laugh in a mocking manner while saying, "Pleasure to meet you Your Majesty." The camera then pans towards Harry who is seen getting a little uncomfortable his wife's act, before smiling slightly.

Social Media Reacts

The action did not go to well with several social media users, especially those who are anti-Meghan Markle. "Here we go, a full hour on why Meghan Markle is so very special and different from everyone else she's exempt from curtsying to the Queen. She took the title of a Duchess and all that comes with it (apart from the actual job) but can't do a little curtsy," a user tweeted.

"I've never liked how @piersmorgan vilifies Meghan Markle but after seeing this clip from the #HarryandMeghan documentary where she mocks the traditional curtsy to the late Queen, I'm beginning to see his point. Even Harry looks uncomfortable at her theatrical reenactment," wrote another.

"Why did meghan attend the Queens funeral? She obviously by her immature & childish actions about how she had to curtsy when meeting her Majesty was a big joke to her? Why did she attend and why did harry take this inbred to her funeral? Anyone?" expressed another user.

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