Meghan Markle's plans for her 38th birthday revealed! Yes, it will involve son Archie

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle Reuters

Meghan Markle has eyes only on two men in her life, husband Prince Harry and son Prince Archie! The Duchess of Sussex, who will be celebrating her 38th birthday on August 4, has plans surrounding her two precious men. A source spoke to HollywoodLife and stated, "Meghan's world is pretty much just [her son] Archie [1] right now. She's so in love with being a mom, her mind's on her baby boy, not her birthday."

However, the source further explained how even if Archie weren't around, Meghan would have had an intimate birthday bash. "Plus, Meghan's never been one for huge birthday parties," continued the source. "She prefers to use her day more introspectively. She'd much rather have a low-key dinner with her loved ones over a big blowout party." The source also added that there are high chances that Prince Harry will plan a good birthday bash for his wife.

Calling Archie as the best gift she could ever receive, Meghan has no demands from Prince Harry. The source added, "[Prince] Harry [34] is always very thoughtful so I'm sure he has some special things planned for her, but there's nothing Meghan's asked for. She's very clear that she's already got the best gift she could ever get – her little dream baby Archie." For Meghan's last birthday, the two attended his friend's wedding. A year before that, the Duke of Sussex did whisk away his wife to Botswana.

"Members of the Royal family celebrate their birthdays in private, except of course for the Queen, who has her annual Trooping The Colour. But the rest of the family doesn't traditionally have any sort of pageantry or a public celebration, so there's certainly nothing like that in the works for Meghan," the source concluded. Well, we surely would like to see how Meghan Markle'sbirthday is celebrated. Hopefully, the palace will share some pictures from the bash!

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