Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Star in Netflix Reality Series; Netizens Slam Royal Couple

Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will soon be able to see the royal couple in a reality series. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have agreed to star in a fly-on-the-wall Netflix reality series with cameras following them for nearly three months.

This news comes after the much-in-love couple parted ways from the Royal Family and moved to the United States following a battle with the British media over alleged media intrusion. However, a source told The Daily Mail that the royal couple "want to give people a glimpse into their lives and see all the charity work they do."

The upcoming docuseries will follow the duo for three months and will focus on their charitable work. However, it is not yet known if cameras will be allowed in their nine-bedroom home in Montecito. According to the source, although "much of the docuseries will be about their philanthropy rather than what they get up to behind closed doors, it will still be a fascinating insight and Meghan hopes viewers will get to see the real her."

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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However, this upcoming project has left the royal couple's fans baffled, with many pointing out that they thought the duo wanted privacy. Many users took to Twitter to weigh in on the news. One user commented, "What happened to wanting privacy??? Meghan and Harry have agreed to star in Netflix reality series."

Echoing similar sentiments, another one wrote: "Meghan and Harry 'have agreed to star in Netflix reality series', I thought they wanted privacy and why does he look as if he's lost sixpence and found a penny, silly boy."

Another user took to the micro-blogging website and wrote, "That's in complete opposition as to why they left the Royal Family. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'have agreed to star in fly-on-the-wall Netflix reality series."

A user tweeted, "Will you watch this garbage? Unbelievable. @RoyalFamily you should be so proud. Meghan and Harry have agreed to star in Netflix reality series."


A user called the royal couple "shameful hypocrites," and tweeted, "Meghan and Harry 'have agreed to star in Netflix reality series'. These two are shameful hypocrites. Suing the DM and quitting the Royal Family for a quiet life away from the British press for the sake of Archie!!!!! Meghan is toxic."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had earlier signed a £112 million Netflix deal to make TV series, films, and children's shows for the streaming platform. They quit the Royal family and fled Britain six months ago, saying they felt unable to "thrive" before signing a Netflix mega-deal.

Meghan and Harry have recently come under fire over their political meddling. Recently the royal couple faced criticism for backing Democrat Joe Biden. The duo urged voters to reject hate speech in a clear dig at US President Donald Trump.

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