Meghan Markle Has BIZARRE Symbol On Her Shoe; Unfamiliar BLACK Symbol Spotted As Meghan Paid Respects To Queen; Here's What It Is

A bizzare symbol has been spotted by fans on Meghan Markle's shoe. The unfamiliar symbols left fans and fashion experts scratchingtheir heads. The sole of her shoe had three straight lines and one curved one.

The symbol was noticed by the fans when she joined her royals is laws for paying respects to the Queen at the Palace of Westminster. As she curtseyed at Her Majesty's coffin, the strange symbol was clearly captured on the camera.

Meghan Markle shoe
Meghan Markle shoe Twitter

Three Straight Lines Were Spotted On Meghan Markle's Shoe

Fans and spectators started thinking that it could be her way to give personal tribute to Harry's grand mother or any personalized addition to her heels. It were the fashion experts who correctly revealed what it was.

Meghan Markle shoe
Meghan Markle shoe Twitter

Fashion Experts Finally Revealed About Bizzare Symbol

The classic shoes are made by Paul Andrew, a luxury fashion designer who designs his hand-crafted Italian shoes from his base in New York - and the designer's name is the inspiration for the "P" and "A" symbols on the soles of Meghan's heels, according to Daily Star.

Meghan Markle Was Wearing Pump It Up Heels

Fashionistas reckon she's wearing his Pump It Up Heels - a style she has worn before for a royal engagement in Ireland before she and Harry left the Royal Family, reported the British outlet.

Her Shoes Are Made By Luxury Fashion Designer Paul Andrew

Meghan appeared in the black outfit with Harry and other member of royal family on Friday. She also wore a pair of diamond earing that were gifted to her by Queen Elizabeth II at the time of joint engagement in 2018. as the Queen's coffin was being moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where it will lie-in-state for four days.

Earlier, Meghan was snubbed by a woman when people gathered at the gates of Windsor Castle to mourn the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. Meghan was shaking greeting the crowd and shaking hands with some women when one of them avoided shaking her hands with Meghan.

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