Megan Lucky: Beer-Chugging US Open Fan is Back and She is Breaking the Internet Again [WATCH]

Lucky was alert and didn't waste time chugging the first glass of beer as soon as the live TV cameras zoomed in on her.

Megan Lucky is back. If you have forgotten the beer-chugging fan at the US Open who went viral last year for downing a hoppy beverage, is back again at the stands this year. And she is breaking the internet again. Lucky was caught on camera on Friday night at the U.S. Open chugging beer.

This time, Lucky arrived with a second beer, which she quickly downed, much to the delight of the crowd around her who ended up giving her a standing ovation on Friday night. However, Lucky's moment of stardom was somewhat overshadowed, understandably so according to some, by Serena Williams' last U.S. Open match. She joked about it and asked the tournament to release the tapes.

Star of the Stand

Lucky was alert and didn't waste time chugging the first glass of beer as soon as the live TV cameras zoomed in on her. She promptly snatched her partner's beer and started drinking it. The act was live on the big screens at the Court.

Lucky drank her boyfriend's beer during Saturday's set of matches. "I've missed you guys," Lucky commented on the post.

Megan Lucky
Megan Lucky is seen chugging beer as others cheer Twitter

The tennis fan went to her Instagram to document her second annual U.S. Open chug, with the caption "Some b***h named Serena stole my thunder."

The U.S. Open eventually made the tapes available early on Sunday. At least a portion of the tapes. It turns out that the narrative had a little more to it than they were prepared to admit. "It seems this is becoming tradition at this point."

Megan Lucky
Megan Lucky Twitter

In the United States, sports have a long history of interacting with fans during commercial breaks through fun activities like beer-skolling, group dancing, and kiss cam, which is the most well-known of them. However, tennis has tended to remain rather traditional in this area.

Social Media Sensation

The complete clip was displayed in a different video that Eurosport France's Twitter account posted. According to their story, Megan actually drank two beers straight this year.

Megan Lucky
Megan Lucky Twitter

The blonde beer-swilling tennis fan's identity appears to have been discovered in the comments section under another account that shared the footage from Eurosport France.

The first time Lucky made headlines on social media was during the 2021 US Open for unexpectedly downing an entire beer while watching tennis the previous year. In addition, she has developed a sizable social media following because to her US Open stardom. On her Instagram, she also shared some images from the US Open.

Why the internet sleuths didn't identify her the first time around is a little perplexing, but better late than never.

Lucky had just over 25,000 fans on Instagram right now. That number will undoubtedly increase as more people learn who she is online.

However, the incident didn't go down well with many. While most of the fans largely enjoyed the video, some questioned the tournament's organizers for promoting binge drinking. One wrote, "Why are we "proud" or impressed by someone chugging a warm beer in a plastic cup? This is called binge drinking and it occurs on almost every college campus. It's not healthy, it's not impressive, and it's certainly not role model material for young sports enthusiasts."