Meet Antonia Stephenson II, the Navy veteran of the US and the investor and entrepreneur par excellence

Antonia Stephenson

This young man has been working to bridge the wealth gap in America.

People nowadays, most of the time across countries, fear handling the financial aspects for they are afraid of the many wrong decisions they may take that can lead them towards losses and not help them gain anything. As the economy keeps changing in the world, predicting anything in the same, especially during a global health pandemic becomes even riskier. Similarly, when it comes to the real estate industry, people today fear to make investments in the same as the pandemic has also affected their incomes. Hence, in such case scenarios, it becomes imperative to take help from experts in the industry who can help them build their wealth. One such young business personality we know of is Antonia Stephenson II, a Raleigh native, who has served the US Navy since 2012. Along with this, he is a growing investor and entrepreneur who helps people in gaining more wealth through real estate and other alternative investing strategies.

His hard work, determination, and motivation made him a 2nd Class Petty Officer (E-5) in the US Navy within three years of service. He served on the board aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and today is a thriving entrepreneur who has founded Stephenson Wealth Management Group. The learning he got while in the Navy and the varied skills he developed made him enter the world of entrepreneurship. All through the 8 years of his service in the US Navy, he got the opportunity to learn several things like leadership, time management, organizational skills, and many other things when he was all of just 19 years of age.

Antonia initiated a real estate investment company for bridging the gap of wealth in America. His aim with his firm is to educate America on real estate investing and to also teach them about leveraging other people's money. Apart from being an astute entrepreneur, Antonia is also a mentor to many youngsters for teaching and guiding them in finances and entrepreneurship.

Antonia is also a member of the Black Chamber of Commerce – Black Brand ( since the year 2018, in Norfolk, VA. While with Black Brand, Antonia even became Booker T. Washington High School's volunteer, where he connected with so many kids there. It was when Orlando Magic coach Tyrone Corbin and his wife started to mentor him, Antonia's desire to pay it forward began developing. Antonia learned hard work and manifestation mindset through Corbin's guidance.

Antonia Stephenson II also created the Canaan Investment Group, which acts as a platform to bring people together of all investment levels and get into a discussion about all the things that can lead to building more wealth. Gradually, this community earned more recognition and saw high demand as Antonia would put free information on his Instagram stories. Later, instead of doing that, he utilized a business app that could store all the articles and files, helping people to refer back to whenever they need it.

Antonia Stephenson II has carved his special place as an entrepreneur who has given all his efforts in building a wealthier and happier America.