McDonald's Giving Experimental mRNA Vaccine to Children In Return for Free Meal? Here is the Truth

A viral claim suggesting that McDonald's is giving experimental mRNA vaccines to children is fake. The hoax started soon after McDonald's partnered with the California Department of Public Health to have pop-up clinics at more than 70 locations in the state.

As per the tie-up those receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at the pop-up clinics will be receiving a coupon for one menu item free of charge. The drive started at multiple outlets from June 21, this year.

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Are the Vaccines Injected as McDonald's Experiments?

The post carrying the video is titled 'Mc Donald's is giving out experimental MRNA inoculations to children'. The video shows a clip of people getting vaccinated inside a Mc Donald's outlet. It also shows a 13-year-old Joshua who is seen rolling up his sleeve and saying, "It was convenient you get free food. I got a combo meal." However, nowhere in the video is it stated that the vaccine being administered at the outlet is in experimental stage.

The social media users were soon to react to the viral claim. "I find it extremely bazaar that, McDonalds is giving children experimental mRNA vaccines with their meals. You really couldn't make it up...this will make an interesting entry in future Public Health textbooks!" wrote a Twitter user.

"This is so TRUE!! My husband is currently doing a job for the ceo of Mc D and they gave them a stack of the same exact coupons shown in the video for a freee meal!!! I'm so shocked and disgusted!!!" wrote an Instagram user.

"Just because you get free food doesn't mean to poison your body," commented a user as another added, "People are idiots if they're injecting their children with anything and now mcdonald's the purveyor of non food poison is involved."

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim being made in the viral post, Reuters reported that McDonald's is not giving experimental vaccines to children or adults.

Claiming that the hoax appears to use the word "experimental" merely to cast doubt over the safety of the vaccines, the outlet reported that the COVID-19 vaccines being administered in the US have undergone safety testing before being given to the public use.

McDonald's involvement with the COVID-19 vaccine drive started after it relayed COVID-19 information on its billboard in Times Square. In order to create more awareness about the vaccine, the fast food chain has also included text on its McCafe cups and McDelivery seal stickers advising customers to visit "" (, which provides information on COVID-19 and how to find a vaccine nearby.

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