Max Mosley: Racing Legend and Ex-Formula One Supremo Dies Aged 81

Max Mosley: Ex-Formula One Supremo Dies Aged 81

Max Mosley is no more. The Ex-Formula One supremo and president of FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) was one of the sport's biggest figures. He has passed away at the age of 81, according to reports confirmed on Monday.

Mosley took part in over 40 races in 1966 and 1967. He won 12 of the races and managed to set class lap records during his time at the national level in the United Kingdom. He formed the London Racing Team in the year 1968 with fellow driver Chris Lambert to compete in European Formula Two, which at that time was the second most popular racing after Formula One.

Mosley competed in several races including in the 1968 Deutschland Trophäe, the Formula Two race at Hockenheim. He managed to rank eighth that year at a non-championship race at Monza.

Max Mosley
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The ex-formula one racer is survived by his wife Jean Mosley whom he married in 1960. Jean stood by Mosley during the time when Mosley's F1 career was overshadowed by a sex scandal. However, he won the landmark privacy case against Rupert Murdoch's media empire. In 1969, after two large accidents in his Lotus car, the Formula One driver decided to retire.

Mosley helped F1 become a global mega-brand with Bernie Ecclestone, who told the media that his death was like losing a brother. Ecclestone regretted that he could have done more to defend Mosley in the sex scandal in 2008 when sponsors tried to sack him.

Mourning Mosley, Bernie Ecclestone said: 'It's like losing a family member, he was like a brother to me. We understood each other. It meant that one of us could criticize the other if we didn't like a particular idea. I'd always kept in touch with him and we spoke often."

Max Mosley Cause of Death Unknown

Mosley's cause of death has not been officially announced by his family members or relatives. However, he had been suffering from cancer.

Max Mosley Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he had property worth $16 Million. Max Mosley was born Max Rufus Mosley to Diana Mitford and Oswald Mosley, who was a Labor minister, and a Member of Parliament for both the Conservative and Labor parties in the 1920s. He is also a lawyer. Mosley is counted among the richest businessman in the United Kingdom. Mosley got attracted to the racing sport after attending a motor race at University.

Max Mosley Children

Mosley was the father of Alexander James Mosley, Patrick Mosley, Alexander Mosley and Patrick Max Mosley.