Mass murderer with no remorse from Japan pleads not guilty for killing 19 in care home

The trial for the man with no remorse for murdering specially-abled persons in Tokyo, Japan has begun on Wednesday

The trial for the man accused of mass murder in a care home outside Tokyo, Japan, has begun on Wednesday. The man pleaded not guilty for the charges placed against him on grounds of limited capacity. Previously the former employee of the care home said that he had to do it when questioned about his motives behind the murder.

Satoshi Uematsu turned himself to the police station after committing the crime in 2016. He did not dispute the charges that were placed against him while pleading not guilty of the charges. The accused showed no remorse for his actions.

The prosecutors read out the charges placed against him which included the death of 19 members of the care home and the injured victims as well. The judge asked him if he had any remarks to contest to these charges to which he replied 'no, there isn't'.

Satoshi Uematsu
The Japanese mass murderer who killed 19 while attacking a care home. He injured several during his stabbing spree. YouTube Grab

The court session was disrupted by the accused

According to the interviews give by the accused to Japan's Mainichi Shimbun daily he showed no remorse and believed that the people in such care homes had no heart. He also said that there was no point in them living. He had previously told the same to his co-workers before the killing. They had placed him under a facility but was soon released because the doctor felt that he was of no threat to the people.

Satoshi Uematsu faces six charges, including breaking and entering and killing and injuring several. He attacked the victims from room to room, hunting the helpless and killing them.

"I had to do it for the society", says Satoshi Uematsu.

He believes that his actions isn't punishable by death. A test that followed his arrest said that he had traces of marijuana in his system. His lawyers plan on entering a plea saying that he was not at his capacity while attacking the people in the care home. His actions were described to be under the influence by his lawyers. Inside the court Satoshi Uematsu seemed to be taking pride for his actions against the disabled.

This is being seen as one of the deadliest and inhumane attacks in Japan. If convicted on March 16 he faces death penalty on some of his charges.