Mass grave having 50 bodies unearthed in a western city of Mexico

The bodies were discovered in a farm in the outskirts of the western city

A mass grave unearthed three weeks ago in Mexico's western city of Guadalajara had at least 50 bodies buried in it, say authorities. The grave was unearthed in Jalisco, a state known for organised crime and violence associated with it. The prosecutor's office said that 13 bodies were identified and the rest bodies which were discovered were being investigated.

The bodies were discovered on a farm in the outskirts of the western city. There have been several such discoveries in the past few months in the district. The state's notorious Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel is based in this city. There have been reports of nearly 2500 bodies being discovered in such mass graves in Jalisco, where the cartel has been a part of various violent activities.

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Mothers in the search

The discovery of a mass grave in September this year had sparked hope in the minds of several mothers who were hoping to find their children in these graves. Five years ago around 43 students were taken by the police and handed over to a drug gang. The forensics experts discovered the bodies that were stuffed into 119 plastic bags in the city of Guadalajara. None of them were the missing students from the earlier incident.

There are several family members searching for their relatives in these mass graves. Many say that there seem to be very less to no help from the authorities with finding the victims. There have been various similar cases reported in Mexico. Several mass graves were found by the authorities in the past few years as well.

The military against the drug cartels

Around 40,000 people are reportedly missing in Mexico. After the government began a powerful fight against organised crimes in 2006, the reports show that around 250,000 people were murdered. Several unmarked graves were found and this has led to the continuous search for the missing people.