Maskless Arizona Man Calls Himself A**Hole After Caught Abusing IHOP Female Servers in Viral Video

Adam Veronica Huerta is seen repeatedly abusing IHOP employee, even as his wife insists on seeing the manager.

A maskless Arizona man was caught abusing an IHOP waitress after she asked his son to wear a mask. The man, identified as Adam Veronica Huerta, owner of a car washing point, is also seen abusing the other employee over a delay in serving the appetizers.

The abusive rant of the man wet viral on social media with several users condemning him for setting a wrong example in front of his kids.

Adam Veronica Huerta
Adam Veronica Huerta Twitter

Man repeatedly Abuses Female Server at IHOP

The viral video, recorded by another customer sitting on the opposite table, shows Huerta sitting with his wife and two kids. He is seen shouting at two masked female employees of the IHOP.

According to Heavy, the video which was shared by TMZ Tucson, was captioned: "IHOP east of Mission and Valencia. 8/19/2020. Man went off on the staff in front of his children and wife. Something about an appetizer, and mask policy... smh. Who knows this clown? Oh wait nevermind, we found him. Adam Veronica Huerta is the owner of Viking Car Wash – TMZ Tucson."

The video starts with Huerta shouting choicest abuses at one of the employees, repeatedly calling her bitch. "F**king bitch. Get the f**k out of my face. Shut the f**k up bitch and damn get the f**k out of my face," he shouts as his wife tells the servers to call their manager.

As another employee speaks with his wife, who is apparently asking for a box and report the incident to the manager, Huerta tells the employee, "Get your dumb ass bitch under control or may be I will step on it."

Waitress Accused of Talking Rudely to Huerta's Son

When the employee requests Huerta to not be rude, he shouts back: "You were rude to me son and you don't want me to be rude to you. Bull shit! You said he needs a f**king mask. The way you said it with your demeanor, you could've said it in a whole lot of other ways," he continued.

The abusive man then moves to lash out at employees for serving the appetizers with the food and not before. "Doesn't the appetizer come before the food, not with your food?" he shouts adding that he can pay 50 bucks but it isn't always about the money.

After the first employee leaves to get some boxes for the family, after his wife asks for them, Huerta is seen telling her, "You could shut your f**king mouth too."

It is at this point that the other female employee asks him to stop talking like this to her server. "Well then get me some boxes. I work hard for my money just like you do and I deserve a decent meal," he says. The server then tells the family something before telling them to take their food and leave.

Huerta Apologizes For His Abusive Rant

Huerta's outburst invited a lot of criticism on the micro-blogging site. "Did he not think he was ruining everyone else's dining experience. He wouldn't do that here in the deep south and get away with it too long," tweeted a user.

"Parents that cuss in front of their kids are a problem. Those kids did not flinch because they are used to it. If I did this my kid would have reacted in visible shock, immediately," wrote another.

After facing a lot of flak for his abusive rant, Huerta took to Facebook to apologize for his actions. Calling himself an a**hole, Huerta said that he respects women to the fullest. "I am definitely not the person this video is making me out to be. This video definitely doesn't show the whole story for the people that are watching," he said adding that the waitress "literally gave [me] raw meat."