Mary Trump Can't Publish Tell-All Memoir as She Signed 'Very Powerful' NDA, Says President

Mary Trump's memoir, 'Too Much And Never Enough', contains harrowing and salacious details about the Trump family.

President Donald Trump has said his niece Mary Trump is not allowed to publish her memoir that contains "harrowing and salacious" details of the Trump family. This is because she signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the Trump family in the aftermath of a legal dispute in 2001.

The book, 'Too Much And Never Enough' is the first such memoir from a member of the Trump clan and it contains explosive details and claims including on Trump's relationship with his late father. It is set to hit the shelves in August, just a few weeks before the Republican National Convention, where Trump would be handed the party's nomination for the November elections.

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In an interview with Axios, Trump for the first time commented on her niece's upcoming memoir. He said she wasn't allowed to publish the book due to a "very powerful" non-disclosure agreement. The agreement was signed in 2001 after a tense legal battle by Mary and her brother Fred III. Amid the legal battle, the family had revoked the health insurance of Fred's newborn, who suffered from cerebral palsy and a rare neurological disorder that caused violent seizures.

However, Trump said that he enjoys a "good relationship" with Fred. He said he met him a few weeks ago and had no idea about the book. Trump's sister Elizabeth Trump Grau (78) has refused to comment on it. However, his younger brother Robert (72), is "very angry about it [the book]", Trump said.

What Details Does the Book Contain?

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Mary is the daughter of Trump's elder brother Fred Trump Jr., who died in September 1981 aged 43, from complications resulting from alcoholism. In her book, she alleges deceit by her aunts and uncles over her grandfather Fred Sr.'s will. She claims that in the 1990s, her father's siblings acquired her grandfather's will through "fraud and undue influence", as he was suffering from dementia.

She writes that Trump "dismissed and derided" his father as he succumbed to Alzheimer's. In his interview with Axios, Trump denied her accusations and said that he had a "great relationship" with his father.

Her biggest revelation is that she was the one who provided the New York Times with confidential documents on Trump's taxes. This Pulitzer Prize-winning report claimed that he was involved in fraudulent tax schemes and received more than $400 million in today's money from his father's real estate empire.