A married teacher of an elite South African school has been found guilty of engaging in sexual misconduct with at least five students. An investigation concluded on Monday showed that the teacher, Fiona Viotti, slept with five students from the elite boys' school. Viotti, 30, is a former water polo star and taught history at Bishops Diocesan College.

'Beauties of Sport'

Viotti had appeared on the South African Sports Illustrated in 2009 as one of its "Beauties of Sport". She was a polo coach in Bishops Diocesan Faculty in Cape City between 2013 and 2019. She was accused of misconduct during this time.

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The teacher and ex-polo star resigned in October amid rising speculation and rumours of her sexual behavior. The allegations came into light when her relationship with an 18-year-old student was revealed. The allegations were strengthened as explicit videos and images circulated on social media and on other channels.

Bedded students above the age of consent

The 18-year-old student had claimed that Viotti maintained an 'intense' sexual relationship' with him and that she became a control freak when he tried to end the affair. Reports said the teacher targeted young boys above the age of consent. The age of consent in South Africa is 16. She bedded the students over a six-year period, before and after her marriage with venture capitalist Pavo Viotti.

Announcing the results of the investigation, the school principal, Guy Pearson, said no disciplinary action would be taken against Viotti as she had resigned when the incident was revealed. Legal professionals conducted interviews with the staffers, students and other members including the parents for the investigation.

Viotti is closely linked to the school through family members. Her father is a history teacher and a rugby coach at the school while her grandfather was a former headmaster in the school. Her grandfather refused to give any comment with regard to the allegations.