Map of the Soul 7: BTS breaks internet as it releases 'ON' on Tiktok, fans go crazy with ONchallenge

BTS will release its second part of the Map of the Soul: 7 album today at 6 PM (KST). But as a prelude, it has released the30-second premier of new track ON on Tiktok

BTS official Twitter handle

BTS fans are storming the internet as the top Kpop group is all set to release its Map of the Soul: 7 album today (February 21). As a gift to its Army, BTS has released the track 'ON' on Tiktok and fans are going crazy over it. As Onchallenge trends on social media, many fans have posted their video of "ON' on Tiktok.

The song will be released at 6 PM (KST), today. The BTS has also released the lyrics to help its fans record the video. It is a 30 second preview of the song on Tiktok. Soon there were comments and complaints by the fans that they could not get their hands on the preview of the song ON as servers crashed as there were too many logins.

The lyrics of the preview of ON goes like this:

Hey nanana

You gotta go crazy if you don't wanna go insane

Hey nanana

Throw all myself in both two worlds

Hey nanana

Can't hold me down

cuz you know I'm a fighter

The beautiful prison I walked in w/ my own feet +

Fans reacted to the video positively and one of the Twitter users wrote: "You gotta go crazy if you don't wanna go insane". Wow. Never heard that phrase before yet it speaks volumes. She also gave 100 out of 100 marks for the preview.

Bad Gateway message

But many fans shared the screenshot stating either 'Bad Gateway' or 'this song is not available in your country'. The digital version of ON will also feature popular singer Sia, say reports. The album Map of the Soul: 7 has 20 tracks in total.

The playlist going to be released today is the follow-up to last year's Map of the Soul: Persona. Among the 20 tracks, three have already been released by the band. Its singles Black Swan (contemporary arts performance), Interlude: Shadow featuring J Hope and Outro: Ergo featuring Suga are already a hit among BTS ARMY.

The track of Map of the Soul: 7 will also have five tracks from its last year's album Persona including 'Boy With Luv featuring Halsey. BTS is presenting 11 unheard tracks including ON.

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