Man in Connecticut Decapitates His Landlord with Samurai Sword, Claims to be Above Law as 'Sovereign Citizen'

The accused is refusing to speak and has only communicated his claim to being not bound by law of the land.

A ghastly incident has come to light from Hartford, Connecticut, where a man living with his landlord in the latter's apartment ended up decapitating him with a samurai sword. The assailant was arrested but in a bizarre twist to the story, he is refusing to utter even one word to the authorities and is claiming to be a 'sovereign citizen' – that is independent of the law of the land.

Things started going wrong on July 25 when Victor King, the landlord, called 911 and informed the authorities that his roommate, Jerry Thompson, who is also his tenant, is threatening him with a samurai sword. This was following an argument where King told Thompson that he will have to leave the house if he continues to not pay his due rent.

Jerry Thompson
The accused Jerry Thompson Hartford Police Department

Discovery of murder

The very next day, police were contacted by King's friends who were worried about his well-being after having failed to contact him. The police arrived at the victim's apartment and had to force their way into the house.

The sight that greeted them was horrifying. The victim's decapitated body with many other deep wounds wrapped in bedsheets. The injuries were described as "lacerations to the landlord's right arm, upper chest and across the neck causing decapitation," a local news outlet revealed. The wounds were just as would be expected from the kind of sword the victim had described a day earlier.

Victor King
Victor King, the victim Facebook

With the prior knowledge of Thompson's threatening behaviour and video footage showing him carrying an object looking like a sword into the house, the police apprehended him. However, the accused refused to utter any words and cooperate with the authorities.

Weird Claim

The only communication from his side was when he wrote these words on paper: "Paper in glove compartment in Jeep is all you need." When the cops opened the glove compartment in his jeep, they found papers that claimed Thompson is a 'sovereign citizen' – not bound by the laws of the land. This suggests he is mentally unstable and deluded.

When the accused was brought before the judge, he continued to maintain his silence. The judge ordered for him to be put in custody with a $2 million bond for bail. Thompson also didn't talk to the public defender and, because of his refusal to speak, appeared in the court without any counsel. The next hearing in the court will take place on August 18.