Man claims to see God when he was close to death; Is there any explanation of near-death experience?

life after death

NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) is a website where people can write testimonials about their near-death experiences. Recently, a man named Richard has written on the website that he saw God when he was about to die.

Richard said that he saw his entire life during the near-death experience (NDE) and finally, he met with the ultimate omnipotence. He also revealed that he was able to talk to his lost relatives during that experience. He claimed that the souls of dead people whom he met, are still haunting him.

"I started watching my whole life in front of me. All good and bad events were emphasized. After the presentation ended, I was asked one question, 'On which side are you?' I had to choose between the good or bad side. It feels like the soul answers this question. I answered, 'I love God with all me.' Then I sent these feeling of love to our Creator. After a moment, my soul received Love from the other side," wrote Richard on NDERF website.

Richard, on the website, assured that the superpower which created us is real, as he has seen the God through his eyes.

"I saw my own birth. When I was being born in a hospital a doctor pulled me out of my Mom's body. At that moment, I was holding the cord connecting me to my Mom and with full consciousness, I was thinking about what was happening. With time, I started seeing people that left this dimension and sometimes they ask me to pass messages to their relatives," added Richard.

However, experts say that near-death experience which includes seeing a bright passage of light is actually the surviving death adopted by our brain during the time of death. There are many people who claimed to have seen their deceased relatives, and these are all thoughts and manipulations made by the human brain.

This article was first published on May 17, 2018