MAMAMOO's Wheein Reportedly Leaving RBW; Actors, Singers Who Left Their Agencies Recently

It is not known yet if MAMAMOO"s Wheein is in talks with any other agency. RBW said the decision has not been finalized.

Reports claimed that top girl band MAMAMOO's Wheein will be leaving her agency RBW. But according to the agency, the talks are still going on and final decision has not been taken yet on the contract renewal.

Sports Kyunghyang was the first to report that Wheein had decided quit RBW following the expiry of her contract for this term. It is said that though the artist has decided to leave the agency, she will continue as the member of MAMAMOO and will promote the group's activities through mutual discussions with the agency.

MAMAMOO's Wheein in the first mini album Redd. Instagram

Following the report, a source from RBW spoke to Soompi and said: "Nothing has been decided regarding Wheein's renewal of her contract. We are currently having our final discussions. We will officially announce the decision when it is finalized."

Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa Renew Contract

MAMAMOO is a South Korean girl group formed by RBW (formerly known as WA Entertainment) in 2014, consisting of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. The other members Solar and Moonbyul renewed their contracts with RBW in January 2021 and Hwasa renewed it in March.

MAMAMOO's latest stint was their 11th mini album WAW on June 2. In addition, they also released the single Where Are We Now. But so far it is not known if Wheein has been approached by any specific agency to carry out her future endeavours. Currently, if Wheein refuses to renew the contract with RBW, she will become a free agent and will remain so until she signs with another company. Wheein joined RBW more than seven years ago.

Actors, Singers Who Quit Agencies

Recently, Mouse actor Lee Seung Gi quit his agency Hook Entertainment after 17 years and formed his own one-man agency Human Made. Krystal Jung of f(X) girl band and Search fame quit SM Entertainment after being a part of it for 14 years and recently joined H&Entertainment. Joining the list, actress Shin Se Kyung quit her agency Namoo Actors after 19 years. There were no controversies surrounding these actors and the they quit the agency on mutually agreed terms.

However, other singers and actors including Kwon Mina, Kim Jung Hyun, Ji Soo and others quit following the breaking out of scandals involving them. Kwon Mina terminated her contract with Wooer Actors within one year of signing with them after repeatedly posting self-harm images on social media following her controversy with former AOA member Jimin.

Reports of Kim Jung Hyun allegedly getting gaslighted by his former girlfriend Seo Ye Ji had led to scuffle between the actor and his agency O& Entertainment. The agency did not back the actor and the latter accused the agency of not protecting him. Kim Jung Hyun waited for his contract term to end and later announced that he was going to file a legal case against his agency.

Bullying allegations against Kim Ji Soo made him not only quit the ongoing drama River Where The Moon Rises but also made him take a break from all the projects. His agency Key East refused to pay damages to the production company of the drama and had recently terminated their contract with Ji Soo.