Male Sexual Organ is Shrinking in Size; Top Scientist Explains Why

One of the world's leading scientists, Dr. Shanna Swan, revealed in her recently published book that men's penis is shrinking over the years and babies are being born with smaller penises.

Dr. Swan, who is a renowned environmental and reproductive epidemiologist said in her book that pollution is one reason why mail organ is shrinking. She also revealed that the use of industrial chemicals in everyday products adds to the shrinking size. This also eventually leads to lower sperm counts and erectile dysfunction in men as they grow up.

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She believes smaller penises and lower sperm count are linked to phthalates, the type of chemicals used in plastic manufacturing that disrupts how the hormone endocrine is produced in the male human body.

As per the book, these disrupters are being passed on to the baby through breast milk and the chemicals used in everyday products can also potentially affect the unborn even when they are in the mothers womb.

Apart from being born with smaller penises, babies would also suffer from lower IQ levels, premature birth and lower testosterone levels in their adulthood. ''Babies are now entering the world already contaminated with chemicals because of the substances they absorb in the womb," she writes in her book.

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Dr. Swan found out that baby boys who had been exposed to different kind of phthalates during their first trimester had a shorter anogenital distance (AGD), which is the distance between the midpoint of the anus and the penis.

"Our work has shown that chemicals, including the diethylhexyl phthalate, shorten the AGD in males,'' she explained to The Intercept. ''Nobody is going to like that term, so you could use taint or gooch instead. But basically it's the distance between the anus and the beginning of the genitals," she continued.

The book titled 'Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race' also reveals that pollution and chemicals have affected teenagers as well and the next generation of men would have smaller penises with less sperm count and lower testosterones levels.