Malaysian police arrest 39 men for stripping naked at Malaysia motivational camp

The police are investigating the group for their indecent behaviour in public.

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Malaysian police Reuters

Malaysian police arrested 39 men for allegedly stripping naked during a motivational camp that was organized by a private company at a holiday resort in Bentong, Pahang on Saturday.

Mohamad Mansor Mohd Nor, Bentong police chief, said they were informed about the men going naked at the resort at around 6.12 pm. Immediately, the police went to the resort for monitoring the activities of the group. Later, they were detained at around midnight. Nine representatives from the company, including two women facilitators, were also detained.

Superintendent Mansor said the men were taking part in a game called "All Out". They were divided into groups and were asked to form a line using an object that was pasted on their bodies. He added that the men stripped off their clothes until all of them were completely nude. The police were investigating the group for their indecent behaviour in public.

The latest incident is a reminiscent of an outcry over a nudist event that took place in Penang in May 2014. Eight people were jailed for participating in the "Nude Sports Games 2014" and causing public obscenity. The event featured naked men and women, who were seen dancing on the beach in Telok Kampi and painting each other's bodies.

Several videos of the event were uploaded by a participant onto a video sharing site that drew severe outrage from Malaysian politicians and netizens.