Malaysia: Singapore-registered BMW crashes into motorcycle; both catches fire

An eye witness says the car driver seemed drunk and was not speaking very clearly.

Singapore-registered BMW crashes into motorcycle in Johor; both burst into flames
Facebook/Kevin Chia

A Singapore-registered BMW crashed into a motorcycle in Johor on Wednesday dragging it along for a few hundred metres before both vehicles burst into flames.

Shin Min Daily News reported on Thursday that the incident took place at 4.25 am at Jalan Tebrau road in Johor near a Caltex petrol station. The accident involved a Singapore-registered BMW 740 and Johor motorcycle.

The Straits Times reported that neither the car driver nor motorcyclist sustained serious injuries.

Kevin Chia, a taxi driver who witnessed the accident said he was driving when he saw the BMW speed past him from behind. "When he came speeding from the right, the car tyres had already caught fire. It drove for about 300m before stopping at the side of the road, in flames," the 35-year-old driver told Shin Min Daily News.

Chia said that by the time he got out of his car to offer help, four or five people were already there pulling the BMW driver out of his car. "These people then started to beat him up. Some even used wooden sticks to hit him. This went on for about five minutes, and it was rather chaotic," he added.

According to Chia, the car driver seemed drunk and was not speaking very clearly. Later, the cabby informed the the fire brigade and they soon arrived at the scene to put out the fire.