Malaysia: 2 Nigerian students missing after boat capsizes in Miri national park

Rescue operation is underway with the assistance of the Fire and Rescue Department and the police

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Two Nigerian students remain missing after a boat they were travelling in capsized in Tasik Taman Negara Loagan Bunut in Malaysia on 11 December. Five students, including the skipper of a private university in Miri were saved after the accident.

The incident happened at around 11 pm (local time) on Sunday when the students from Curtin University were conducting observation and research on wildlife in the lake area on a 20-foot fibre boat.

The Malay Mail reported that a passing boatman witnessed the accident and informed the park manager who immediately sent a rescue team of five people. Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department also deployed people at the spot after getting to know about the mishap early on Monday.

However, the rescue team is still unsuccessful in finding the two Nigerian students identified as Amatie Mohamad and Enine Danial.

Loagan Bunut National Park Rescue Operations Chief Kamal Abdullah said the rescue operations will continue with the assistance of the Fire and Rescue Department and the police.