Maegan Hall: Fired Female Tennessee Cop Details Her Sex Romps with Randy Male Officers as She 'Got Desperate' Amid Difficult Divorce

Hall said that she was going through a bitter divorce that led to affairs with randy male colleagues who would "stick their d— in anything."

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The female Tennessee cop who was fired for having sex with multiple officers while on duty "cracked" while she was going through a bitter divorce, which led to multiple affairs and sexual encounters with randy male colleagues. Maegan Hall, 26, who was fired earlier this month, made the confessions during an internal investigation.

Hall's 61-page confession includes details of wife-swapping sessions with randy police buddies, foot fetish photographs, and games of "strip Uno." This comes as it was revealed that Hall after being fired was also offered $10,000 to perform two shows at a strip club in Nashville. It is unclear if she will finally perform at the strip club.

Bombshell Confessions

Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall Twitter

Hall has finally come clean, explaining she "cracked" before starting up the sexual relationships. According to a transcript of the interview originally obtained by WSMV 4, the 26-year-old Hall confessed to an internal investigator about the shady affairs and recounted how things spun out of hand.

And 61-page confession also gives the first indication that the internal investigation that led Hall and four other police officers to be fired from the department in La Vergne, Tennessee, 20 miles southeast of Nashville was sparked by the growing jealousy among her multiple lovers.

Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall Twitter

Hall said that she was going through a bitter divorce that led to affairs with randy male colleagues who would "stick their d— in anything."

"Me and my husband were kind of on the verge of a divorce and I just cracked and then it just kind of got out of hand," she said, according to the transcript.

"I got stupid, I got desperate, I guess and guys are guys and they'll stick their d— in anything."

Hall gave three in-person interviews to Andrew Patton, the department's chief of human resources.

In the course of the next two interrogations, the married siren finally admitted to having the affairs she had initially denied.

Tennessee cops
Detective Seneca Shields (top left) and Officer Larry Holladay; Officer Patrick Magliocco (bottom left) and Sgt. Lewis Powell Twitter

In the first interview, Hall acknowledged having sex with K-9 officer Larry Holladay, who was subsequently suspended without pay but kept his job as a result of his candor with the authorities.

"We had intercourse ... there were a few times but it was a long time ago," she nervously told Patton.

She rubbished "rumors" of a fling with Sgt. Lewis Powell. However, Patton told her: "I have confirmation ... that you talked about the act, you talked about his size, what it looked like."

Hall apologized when she was asked if she had ever engaged in a "three way" with Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife Amy. "A what?" Hall asked before she started to cry.

Exposed Finally

In her second and third interviews, Hall—who had already received a final warning for crashing her patrol car three times—confessed to having an affair with Powell for several months and even engaging in sexual activity while on duty.

"I just gave him a blow job in the substation," she admitted. "Me and my husband were kind of on the verge of a divorce and I just cracked and then it just kind of got out of hand."

Hall's affair with Powell allegedly turned toxic after she tried to end the relationship. She claimed Powell made a threat to end his life by downing an entire bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey and causing a collision.

"It's because of you and you did this to me and you hurt me," Hall claimed Powell said to her. According to Hall's evidence, the two finally called it quits when she admitted to Powell that she was having a sexual relationship with another person.

Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall Twitter

Hall also allegedly exchanged nude images with many police. Hall also described her attempts to persuade her own husband to swap wives with Magliocco and his wife. She said though that strategy fell flat.

"When Mags was like right by us, and then on the couch Mags was like 'if y'all start making out, maybe Jed will get into, my husband, into the idea,'" Hall recounted, according to the transcript. "And when we started making out, Jed was like, 'no.'"

According to the transcript, Hall also recalled attempting to seduce her husband into engaging in another sexual encounter with Sgt. Ty McGowan, the fired sergeant, and his wife.

"Ty wanted to try to get Jed to have a thing with all of us," she told Patton. "We played strip Uno and then V (McGowan's wife) went out onto the patio with Jed, me and Ty kissed for a little bit and then that was it," she said.

Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall Twitter

According to their transcripts, Hall also claimed that McGowan had a foot fetish when the investigator inquired about the feet images she had provided to McGowan.

"Do you have a foot fetish? Do you send pictures of your feet to people?" Patton, the head of human resources, asked.

"I don't," Hall replied. "Ty does."

However, McGowan told Patton of Hall, "She's got a foot fetish as you can see, she took all of this — I didn't even say anything."

Five officers were fired in connection with the sex scandal, and Hall was one of them. The internal investigation led to the firing of Sgt. Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sgt. McGowan, and Det. Seneca Shields.

Magliocco and Holladay, the two other officers who are reportedly connected to the shocking sex scandal, were suspended from their positions but kept their jobs.

This article was first published on January 31, 2023