MADTOWN's Jota reveals his true feelings for Kim Jun Kyung, tags the model as his ideal types

Model Kim Jin Kyung and MADTOWN's Jota plays a married couple on reality tv show We Got Married

Mad Town's Jota is sensitive about his feeling towards his on-screen wife, Kim Jin Kyung. The singer revealed that he enjoys every bit of time spent with Jin Kyung, however, he often gets confused between his true affection and the 'husband' role he is playing on the reality show.

In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports the 22-year-old relayed: "Sometimes I do get confused, but it's fun and exciting to go on a date with Jin Kyung every 2 weeks. Sometimes I recommend the things I want to do during our dates to the PD-nim."

Jota also revealed that the two meet often, however, due to his schedule they did not get time to hang around lately: "We tell each other good job after filming, but I wasn't able to talk to her lately because I was in Japan."

Jota and Jin Kyung, who entered into the virtual reality show in May, reportedly shares a great chemistry and an incredible bondage on the show. So when asked if he would date the pretty model in future, the singer passed on with a 'No Comments' quote.

However, he readily agreed that Jin Kyung is his ideal types: "I think I should be saying it's Kim Jin Kyung? But the PD-nim did a good job in matching us. I like tall, stylish women and Jin Kyung is just that. I also like people who are charming with no double eyelids," he said.

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