Madonna Leaves 'Tonight Show' Host Jimmy Fallon in Shock after Flashing Buttocks and Gyrating on His Desk [VIDEO]

Madonna was on the show to promote 'Madame X' but left Fallon shocked after she rose from her seat and flippantly flashed her buttocks to Fallon's in-studio audience.

Madonna left Jimmy Fallon nervous and 'Tonight Show' viewers cringing after she flashed her buttocks and gyrated on the host's desk during a 'trainwreck' interview on Thursday. Fallon looked genuinely shocked at her behavior but later reorganized himself. But that is what Madonna is — the most unpredictable.

And she once again showed that she isn't afraid to express herself. The "Material Girl" singer, 63, stopped by the late-night show to promote her new documentary, "Madame X," and began the interview by saying that she wanted viewers to understand that "art is important in our lives."

Staged or Not?

Madonna flashing and gyrating
Madonna flashing and gyrating on the show that left Jimmy Fallon shocked Twitter

Madonna was on the show to promote her documentary 'Madame X' but left Fellon shocked after she suddenly rose from her seat and flippantly flashed her almost bare buttocks to Fallon's in-studio audience as her latest "get in good trouble" moment.

She then and slid herself across his desk what was yet another shock for the audience and Fellon, who later implored her to "behave." It's unclear if the stunt, taped earlier in the day, was staged or not.

Madonna's shocking stunt came after Fallon asked her what she expected viewers would get from her film, to which she responded: "Art is important in our lives. I don't think people emphasize that enough. I'm really inspired by James Baldwin, the writer."

Then even before Fallon could react, the pop queen flashed her scantily clad buttocks. She then, quoting James Baldwin, said, "Artists are here to disturb the peace." "And so, I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon but people's peace while they watch the show, but I mean that in the best way."

"You get in good trouble," Fallon said, referring to late Congressman John Lewis' signature call to action. The phrase apparently elicited a reflex in the singer and prompted her to slide across Fallon's desk, sending the host into a tizzy to cover her backside with his blazer.

Doing it With Panache

However, despite Fallon's warning, Madonna remained unmoved in her usual way. "Good trouble," Madonna, who was wearing a grill in her mouth, echoed before Fallon added, "Yeah, you really do."

After Fallon tried to cover her buttocks with his blazer, Madonna quickly got down from the desk and said, "No one's going to see anything, my God!" before turning round and hitching up her dress to flash her underwear to the audience.

That crowd, however, seemed to enjoy despite the shock moment as Madonna strutted back to her seat and said: "Life is not just about interviewing kitties. Don't you want to talk to an adult? Let's have some adult conversation."

As Jimmy asked if Madonna was "talking to an adult right now", she responded: "I'm not sure... I feel like you're in some kind of conflict right now. Have you been to a therapist?" Needless to say, the "Vogue" singer appeared to have full control over the show.

For the uninitiated, Madonna had pulled a similar stunt at the MTV Video Music Awards last month too. The outspoken star, who has been repeatedly imitated but never duplicated, agreed with Fallon that she doesn't get enough credit for her original ideas that other artists copy.