Maddie Springs: Florida Mom Turns OnlyFans Model to Sell Nudes after Failing to Get Job at Subway

The psychology graduate makes $39,000 every month by posting her nudes on OnlyFans but keeps her profession a secret from her neighbors.

A Florida woman who struggled to find a job at Subway decided to turn OnlyFans model, a decision which changed her life and is helping her making huge money. Maddie Springs today makes $39,000 every month by posting her nudes on OnlyFans and is in love with her job.

The psychology graduate claimed that it was hard for her to find a job after completing university and she had to struggle for months. Finally, she one day decided to turn an OnlyFans model as she was in desperate need of money to support herself. It wasn't an easy decision by Springs said she is happy with her choice as she feels independent,

Bold Decision

Maddie Springs
Maddie Springs Instagram/maddiespringsofficial

Springs, a psychology graduate from North Carolina, struggle for years hard to find work after university. The 29-year-old tried looking for a job at supermarkets and in Subway after struggling to start a career in her field. However, that didn't help her much. It was already a few months and was running short of money.

She was living off ramen noodles and sleeping on a mattress on the floor of her flat and was really worried about her future. "I couldn't get a job anywhere, I tried supermarkets and Subway and couldn't get hired. I sold all my belongings just to get gas money and food.

Finally, she decided to take the bold step of selling her sexy photos for cash. The idea paid off. "I was really confused when someone suggested I do live webcam work," she said, according o a report in The Sun.

Springs claimed that she understood that selling her nudes can help her get a new life. The very first day she made a lot of money. "I lived in this tiny, horrible apartment which I shared with several stranger, but on my first day, I made enough to pay a full month's rent," she said.

Changing Her Life

Springs, who now a mother of one and staying in Tampa Bay, Florida is proud of her decision today. She is now raking in an annual six-figure salary from OnlyFand. Her fans pay up to $15 a month to access the content she shares online, which is a mix of sexy photoshoots, life updates, and personal messages.

"When I started earning so much, so quickly, I was able to upgrade my lifestyle." She is happy spening on her child and has also invested in luxury property "I have been able to purchase a house which I am renovating and I have also purchased land to build another home on," she said.

"Soon I will rent out both of those properties as investments for my family's future and look for another property to buy." However, Springs said that her neighbors don't know about her profession because she wants to avoid trouble.

"My neighbors don't know a lot about me because I keep to myself. They are friendly but I assume they think I am an innocent mum as I dress like a typical suburban mum and I have a nice home," she told the outlet.

"I think they'd probably be shocked to know my profession. But I get to stay at home and send out naughty pics instead of having to drive to a corporate job like many of them probably do," she said. And for all these, Springs has support from her husband and respects her decision not to she anything about her profession with her neighbors.

"I don't think I could do it without him. We are both very private, frugal and quiet people," Springs said.