Luxury Travel Agency Virtuoso Ends Business With All Trump Hotels Properties

Virtuoso, a Texas-based travel agency specializing in luxury and experiential vacations across the world, has dropped all of former President Donald Trump's hotels from its website and itinerary lists, according to reports.

The agency had partnered with six out of 10 Trump hotels, providing travelers the perks of VIP treatment and special access.

Trump Tower Hotel Plaza

It is not clear which six hotels were partnered by the company but all of the Trump names have been taken down from their website. The reason for the demerger has not been revealed by the travel agency.

Zenger News, a digital wire service, was the first to report the news.

However, since the news broke out, a Virtuoso spokeswoman named Misty Belles sent out a press release to all media outlets saying the company does not share information about renewal or exit decisions of their partner hotels.

''Trump Hotels are no longer part of the Virtuoso network,'' the statement read, and continued, ''We consider many variables when reviewing both existing and new network participation. Out of respect for all involved parties, and as a general policy, we do not share comments regarding our non-renewal and exit decisions.''

The Trump Organization has not responded to the news and has chose to remain mum on the issue. Also, Donald Trump's businesses have taken a beating recently after rioters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and even the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns brought further complications to their business.

Virtuoso operates a wide network of more than 1,100 travel agencies and boasts of around 22,000 travel advisers in 50 different countries. The agency enjoys its priced relationships with a number of hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise lines, tour companies and premier luxury hosting destinations.

During the peak of the presidential election in 2016, where Donald Trump was battling Hillary Clinton to bag the White House, Virtuoso extensively promoted its ties to the Trump Hotels and celebrated their partnership by sending out emails and creating online commercials to lure potential travelers for a holiday by providing exclusive benefits for staying at any of the Trump hotels.